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Trigger Point Injections in Butler, PA

What are Trigger Point Injections?

Trigger point injections are a simple procedure to relieve myofascial pain. It involves injection of medications into trigger points, or knots that form when muscles do not relax.  A knot is a hyper-irritable spot in the muscle area that feels painful upon compression and regular use. It can cause chronic pain and lack of mobility.

Trigger points cause localized sharp pain and may accompany chronic musculoskeletal disorders. Stimulation of a knot may elicit a twitch response and pain, which may radiate outward from the affected muscle.

Trigger Point Injections

Conditions Treated with Trigger Point Injections

  • Myofascial pain syndrome – a chronic musculoskeletal pain condition in which painful trigger points develop within muscle and fascia, resulting in local and referred pain, restricted range of motion, and autonomic nervous system dysfunction.
  • Fibromyalgia – a chronic condition involving widespread pain, fatigue, sleep abnormalities, and often distress.
  • Chronic pelvic pain syndrome – which involves lower urinary tract symptoms, chronic pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, interstitial cystitis, painful bladder syndrome in women, and chronic prostatitis in men.
  • Chronic tension headache and chronic migraines – Patients with chronic headaches sometimes receive trigger point injections to assist in controlling the pain. A 2008 study found significant improvement in 7 of 8 chronic cluster headache patients.
  • Whiplash – an acute condition involving neck pain after sudden backwards and forwards motion, as may occur in an automobile accident. 

Trigger Point Injections Procedure

First we exert gentle pressure upon a trigger point to observe muscle twitch and evaluate pain. We do this to identify muscles causing pain that could benefit from injections.

When the painful area has been identified, we use a small needle to inject medications into the trigger point. Common treatment sites include the arms, legs, low back, and neck. These medications work in concert to lower inflammation and disperse the trigger point.

Trigger point injections are a preferred means of treating pain disorders and other painful conditions because it is a minimally invasive treatment. We understand the burden of living with pain and are highly experienced in the treatment of pain. Schedule a consultation today to learn how we can help manage chronic pain.

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